Williamsburg Afterhours


Saturday March 9th 2013, 7pm to 10pm
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

This year, Williamsburg galleries proudly echo the spirit of The Armory Show, the largest art fair in New York City, with a series of individually curated after hours events, soirees, video installations, exhibitions, and performances, collectively entitled Williamsburg After Hours.

Starting at 7pm on March 9th, the neighborhood’s curatorial voices will make themselves intentionally conspicuous, each gallery becoming its own beacon to the public, transmitting light and music outwardly from their doors and windows, bearing one common message among many disparate voices: “COME SEE THIS.” For Williamsburg After Hours, light, music, and video installations will be visible in doorways, sidewalks, and adjacent buildings, while performance art will take to the streets. Together, participating galleries will create a chain of optical and auditory telegraphy, encoding the message that there is a gallery in the dark with open doors – a series of alighted beacons throughout Williamsburg.

Featuring exuberant events like Skyward — Kevin Cooley’s massive and continuous ceiling projection at The BOILER, performance art by playwright, director, and designer John Jesurun at Ventana244, street-projected animations from Eric Dyer’s large spinning zoetrope sculptures at Bunnycutlet Gallery, as well as video installations and multi media performances at Front Room Gallery, Glasshouse, Devotion Gallery, Present Company, Reverse Gallery and more.


CONTACT: contact@wgabrooklyn.org