Brooklyn Armory Night March 10, 2012 featured exhibitions in Bushwick, Greenpoint and Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  2012 was the first edition (7th in the series) of Bushwick Beat Nite to be held during Armory Arts Week.  Williamsburg and Greenpoint joined together as they have for many years to coordinate an evening arts festival. 2012 marked the 10th anniversary of the WIlliamsburg Afterhours event, with a special video presentations that involved more than the galleries; it filled local businesses with art.  Celebrating the Armory Show and visual arts, these neighborhoods came together in a collaborative effort to showcase the art that Brooklyn has to offer.

Williamsburg/Greenpoint Afterhours 2012

Map of Williamsburg/Greenpoint Afterhours 2012wga-afterhours3-4-121

Williamsburg/Greenpoint Participating Galleries 2012

Williamsburg/Greenpoint Afterhours VIdeo Presentations 2012



Bushwick Beat Nite/Afterhours 2012

Map of Participating Bushwick Galleriesbushwick afterhours map 2012

Participating Presentations by Bushwick Galleries 2012