Archive: Participating Greenpoint and Williamsburg Galleries

Art 101


New work by Nicola Ginzel and Chester Nielsen, an intriguing pairing of minds and talents. Their art is distinctly unique; their paths surprisingly similar.

Black and White


Project Space: Santiago Taccetti, Site-Specific Installation: “Smoke & Mirrors / Nothing To See Here”. Black & White Gallery: “The World According To….” Group show, Participating artists: Eric White, Michael Van den Besselaar, Isidro Blasco, Roberley Bell, Alejandro Moreno, Santiago Taccetti.


“First Truth,” curated by Sara Hubbs and Sara Jones, featuring: Gina Beavers, Megan Hays, Sara Hubbs, Janelle Iglesias, Sara Jones, Siobhan McBride, Danielle Mysiliwiec. “Yuka Otani,” a new installation inspired by Hojoki, an essay by Chomei Kamono: a Japanese 13th century poet who expresses the sense of mujokan (impermanence) during the medieval age of wars and disasters.


“Mesmer Eyes,” a solo exhibition by Kathy Goodell. Sculpture and drawing. The centerpiece of Mesmer Eyes is a twenty-five foot long installation, comprised of more than 8,000 small oval shaped ink paintings, with suspended optical lenses.  As part of their Brookyln Armory Night events, Causey Contemporary will also be showcasing Bahar Behbahani’s “Suspended” video projected on and through the gallery’s front windows.  Additionally, Causey artist, Christine Sciulli’s “Roebling Tango. ” In this site specific projection installation Sciulli will choreograph roving planes of light into organized cacophony within the urban triangle park, Ascenzi Square.

Taubes NightmareFIGUREWORKS

“Nightmares and Fantasies,” Sometimes we are terrfied to fall asleep and sometimes the dream is better than reality. Richard Bosman, Felix Chavez, Glen Golton, Sante Graziani, Alvarez Ortega, Frederic Taubes, Pierre-Yves Tremois, & More.


“Useful Things (For Getting Lost),” Melissa Pokorny’s sculptural work examines connections between “things” as potent containers of memory, capably representing loss and estrangement, and the deeply metaphorical, haunted landscape of the everyday. Drawing on traditions of assemblage, these sculptural tableau and wall mounted forms address the status of marginal objects and things. Celebrating this year’s Brooklyn Armory night, Front Room will be presenting an evening of outdoor video projections featuring works by Chris Jordan and Jeremy Slater.

Janet Kurnatowski


“Morphed,” a show of sculpture with works by Sandra Casti, James Clark, Forrest Myers, Gelah Penn, Heidi Pollard, Rebecca Smith and Kris Scheifele.

Peckish eliteLIKE THE SPICE

“Arts not Fair: A Like the Spice Gallery Art Fair,” a month long art fair highlighting special projects by the Like the Spice Gallery artists, including Chino Amobi, Jenny Morgan, Dean Goelz, and more. Special performances, and panels during Williamsburg Armory Night. Video by Jenny Morgan.


“ALL TALK,” features some of New York City’s boldest anti-heros, cynics and preachers. Those that run us through the gauntlet of fine art, design, and graffiti. Works by: Aakash Nihalani, Andrew H. Shirley, Cassius Fouler, Destroy & Rebuild, Gabriel Specter, Isabel Lasala, J. Ralph Phillips, Jenna Hicock, Jesse Edwards, Jesus Saves, Map, Merk, NohJColey.

Parker's Box


Berlin-based German painter Stefan Sehler will be showing new works in a double exhibition at Parker’s Box andVolta. The shows, both titled “Because It’s There”, will be previewed at the Volta opening on Thursday, March 8, and at Parker’s Box on Saturday, March 10 as part of the Armory Show’s “Brooklyn Night”. Stefan Sehler will be showing the latest in his meticulous reverse glass paintings, with startling new forays into both abstraction and figuration.

Ward Shelley, Unreliable NarratorPIEROGI

“Unreliable Narrator” Ward Shelley, drawings on paper. Unreliable Narrator is about believers. In this exhibition of timeline paintings, Ward Shelley proposes that believers are people who depend on a collection of narratives to explain the world around them.


“Trots and Bonnie,” new sculptures by Allen Glatter.

Sideshow gallerySIDESHOW

“Mic Check, The Human Mic,” Group show, featuring works by hundreds of artists, ranging from well known mid-career artists to emerging artists.


“Krypta” by the Italian Art Collective Draok (Marta Pierobon, Giorgio Guidi).

Ventana 244VENTANA 244

Peter Dudek and Peter Soriano will open an exhibition of collaborative works at Ventana 244. Working together in Soriano’s studio over the course of several months the two have crafted together a series of works that echo aspects of each others practice while taking into consideration the specifics of the exhibition space.

Williamsburg Art and Historical


“J_ART 2nd, Tokyo – New York, 5th Annual Emerging Japanese Artists’ Exhibition” video art curated by Hiro Shiraishi, Director of Tokyo based Pepper Project. Armory Night Performance program with outstanding Japanese musicians and dancers. Fri. Mar. 9 – Sun. Mar.11. Group show of 27 emerging Japanese artist (19 from Tokyo and 8 from New York) in all media (Painting, Print, Installation, Photo, ideoAart, Contemporary Craft, and more)


Ale’, Ale’, Paintings by E.K Buckley.