Archive: Bushwick Participating Galleries 2012

Active SpaceActive Space (566 Johnson Avenue (@ Stewart)) Criminy Johnson: “Dreaming Without Sleeping” allows viewers to glimpse the artist’s view of our waking world: a bent, slightly pessimistic and occasionally hostile place populated by animals and people who are often reluctant to be interrupted by the viewer.




Agape Enterprise Infinity Salon, featuring works by Mira Schor, Akiko Ichikawa, Lovett/Codagnone, Shana Moulton, Jill Magid, and Lisa Kirk.





AirplaneAIRPLANE (70 Jefferson Street) “Facture” a group exhibition guest-curated by Eileen Jeng. Combining a handmade aesthetic with a range of materials, the works in this show manipulate spatial perception and challenge the distinctions between sculpture, painting, photography, and video. Through their formal qualities, along with personal, cultural, and technological references, the works evoke questions about the physicality of the art object. Facture includes work by Hector Arce-Espasas, Jeremy Couillard, Amy Feldman, Elana Herzog, Gisela Insuaste, Jessica Labatte, LoVid, Heather Rasmussen, and Jamil Yamani.


Sheryl DenboArt on Fire (119 Ingraham Street, Suite 400)  Sheryl Denbo.







BotanicBotanic (150 Wyckoff Avenue) Botanic is a provisional gallery space for art and other creative research.






Bogart SalonThe Bogart Salon (56 Bogart)ADRIFT (A Drift), 5 contemporary versions of the drift in a working salon. Featuring Claudia Chaseling, BroLab, Andy Monk, Jenny Marketou and The Walk Exchange.





C.C.C.P.CCCP North Light (56 Bogart) The March of Time, an eclectic group show.






Camel art spaceCamel Art Space (722 Metropolitan Avenue) “First Truth,” curated by Sara Hubbs and Sara Jones, featuring: Gina Beavers, Megan Hays, Sara Hubbs, Janelle Iglesias, Sara Jones, Siobhan McBride, Danielle Mysiliwiec.

“Yuka Otani,” a new installation inspired by Hojoki, an essay by Chomei Kamono: a Japanese 13th century poet who expresses the sense of mujokan (impermanence) during the medieval age of wars and disasters.




CentottoCentotto (250 Moore Street, #108) Conceived abroad and elaborated over the course of a very white night, and not without whiter nights elsewhere in mind, Courtesy Roman Abramovich: The First Unveiling is predicated upon rumors and secrets, possessions and passions, and the momentous removal of shrouds.




Cojo Art Space (684 Woodward Avenue, Ridgewood) “Marking the Ridgewood Line” The focus of this show is brought to light by the nearly 30 artists who work with line, or with a lens capturing the hidden underdrawings in our everyday world.




English KillsEnglish Kills (114 Forrest Street, #1) The Permanent Collection Volume 2: My Own Private Serpico.






FactoryFreshFactory Fresh (1052 Flushing Avenue) “Skewville’s 80th Birthday: A Retro Retrospective” celebrating the art and life of this duo. The Skewville twins have been making things since birth, from building club houses in the 70’s, graffiti in the 80’s, then on to commercial ventures in the 90’s. In the past 13 years, they have been making innovations on the street and in art galleries with their stylized work and installations.


950 Hart 
(950 Hart) Further Explorations in Figurative Arts



ISCPInternational Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) (1040 Metropolitan Avenue)  Maider Lopez:Polder Cup, the inaugural ISCP alum exhibition. In 2011, ISCP launched an annual solo exhibition series offering two ISCP current residents and one ISCP alum the opportunity to present a solo exhibition of work that has not been previously shown in the United States.  Maider López was a resident at ISCP in 2003 and is one of the most prominent artists from the Basque region. The exhibition Polder Cup will include videos, photographs and an installation based on the artist’s recent participatory project, a one-day football championship in Rotterdam. This project was a collaboration between the institutions SKOR and Witte de With, The Netherlands.



Interstate ProjectsInterstate Projects (56 Bogart) The Remaster Cycle, Jesse Hulcher, INTERSTATE PROJECTS is pleased to present The Remaster Cycle, Jesse Hulcher’s first solo exhibition in New York. Through a wide range of digital and analog mediums, Hulcher explores the ways that corporate media influences how we view such disparate cultural experiences as the Vietnam war, Groundhog Day, and the Grateful Dead, among others.



Charles Atlas, 143652,2012 Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York.Luhring Augustine Bushwick (25 Knickerbocker Avenue) Charles Atlas: “The Illusion of Democracy”  a solo exhibition of the American film and video artist Charles Atlas. (Image: Charles Atlas, “143652″  Single channel video projection (silent).  From an edition of 5 with 2 artist’s proofs.  Duration: 12 minutes, 2012.  (Courtesy of the artist and Luhring Augustine, New York.))



Microscope GalleryMicroscope (4 Charles Place)  “We Are Cinema: 50 Years of the Film-Maker’s Cooperative” featuring works by: Katherine Bauer, Bill Brand, Robert Breer, Rudy Burckhardt, Donna Cameron, Abigail Child, Martha Colburn, Peter Cramer, Bradley Eros, Su Friedrich, Ken Jacobs, Sabrina Gschwandtner, Anne Hanavan, Takahiko Iimura, Jeanne Liotta, Jonas Mekas, Julie Murray, Jennifer Reeves, Barbara Rubin, Lynne Sachs, Carolee Schneemann, Joel Schlemowitz, MM Serra, Jack Smith, Smith and Lowles, Mark Street, & Jack Waters.



MomentaMomenta Art (56 Bogart) Rehearsal for a Vamp (work-in-progress), Michelle Handelman.






Norte Maar (83 Wyckoff Avenue) Tamara Gonzales: Untitled an exhibition of new paintings. The exhibition will feature the artist’s new series of works that combine her use of spray painting through lace.  Her new paintings spring to the optical extreme through her unique process of spray painting through found lace tablecloths, doilies, and curtains. Vibrant and witty, layered and textured, the artist combines large gesture with tight pattern to create compositions that at once mimic the grand heroic gestures of the postwar painters, while capturing all-over free spirit found in the graffiti that appears daily on the streets near her Bushwick studio.

In the project room: a new sketchbook by Austin Thomas, recent sculpture by Kevin Curran.



Nurture ArtNURTUREart (56 Bogart) Videorover: Season III, with: Lee Arnold, Nicolas Carrier, Yoni Goldstein + Meredith Zielke, Rachael Haines, Ryan Whittier Hale, Una Hamilton Helle, Zerek Kempf, Miles Umney, and Jenny Vogel.

Systemic Risk, Curated by Jonathan Durham. Featuring Artists: Daniel Bejar, Sujin Lee, Laura Napier, and Risa Puno. Employing games, social behavior, language, and cultural recognition, Systemic Risk reveals how our familiar and trusted systems are in a process of breaking down and being discredited.



ParlourParlour (791 Bushwick Avenue) “Group Show #1”In collaboration with co-curator Charles Tisa, Co-curators Janice Sloane and Rachel Phillips introduce themselves and three additional multimedia artists whose work all approaches what might be considered an oxymoronic state of repulsive attraction. The work varies wildly in medium and form, and demonstrates how a common thread can be taken to extremes.  The five artists’ collectively question how their respective media can be used to alter our perceptions of self and world by using dichotomies of evolution and death, permanence and transition, beauty and decay.



Regina RexRegina Rex (17-17 Troutman, #329 Queens) John Almanza and Dave Hardy:  Exhibition of new paintings by John Almanza and sculptures by Dave Hardy.





Small Black Door (19-20 Palmetto Street, Ridgewood) “HYPERCOLOR” brings together a group of ambitious artists who’s practices are hinged on their unique relationship with the formal element. Each embrace a diverse palette, often full of high-key colors that both invigorate and jar their viewer. Though employed for different reasons, these artist’s selection of color suggest an undeniable affinity to contemporary popular culture paying homage to the past while offering insight to the future.




Elizabeth RileyStorefrontBushwick (16 Wilson Avenue) Martin Bromirski, Rachel LaBine, and Elizabeth Riley.  All contemporary art-making is a response to what it means to live in the world today. The premise of the show is the multi-faceted nature of our experience of contemporary reality, which the artists draw upon to make their work. The three artists on exhibit share a free-wheeling, fractured sense of space, time, and reality, which they investigate in their work by stretching the boundaries of their practice.



Studio 10Studio 10 (56 Bogart) Scissors, Paper, Glue and Books I Can’t Cut Up, Tim Spelios. Spelios’s original source materials become the means to mine obscure connections and create irrational associations through juxtapositions of images and objects. The obsolete materials he collects include flyers, books, magazines, trade catalogs and manuals which are often found at flea markets, second hand book shops or on the street. Spelios has a particular wonderment in the printed matter with the covers torn, important pages removed or defaced.



 Secret Project RobotSecret Project Robot (389 Melrose Place) Brad Truax Presents: HYPER/HYPO, In this installation and group show, curator Brad Truax turns the lens onto the artist and asks them to explore themselves and the way in which they make art.




Theodore ArtTheodore Art (56 Bogart Street) Alasdair Duncan.






ValentineValentine Gallery (464 Seneca, Ridgewood) “The Golem of Ridgewood” Matt Freeman. This exhibition commemorates a film made over 70 years ago by a young member of the Congregation Agudas Israel on Cornelia Street in Ridgewood, Queens. The film, which survives only in fragments, documents the efforts of Rabbi Jacob Weiss to build a golem, a supernatural being made of animated clay, to protect his congregation from their anti- Semitic neighbors in the early 1940s.


* Participating in Bushwick Beat NIte:  Jason Andrew + Norte Maar present the seventh installment of Beat Nite: Bushwick Art Spaces Stay Open Late. Official after party at English Kills (10-12pm).